Os Summoner Outfits estão disponíveis para todos os jogadores Premium Account. Apenas os addons estão incluídos nessa quest.

Cinto para Fluídos (Homens)

Image:Outfit Summoner Male Addon 1.gif

Equipamento Requerido
  • Quantidades variáveis de Empty Vials (frascos vazios), mínimo de 100.


  • Leve ao menos 100 empty vials para Sandra em Edron.
  • Pergunte sobre seu cinto. Ela irá lhe dizer que ela possui uma loteria, e que cada ticket irá custar 100 empty vials.
  • Compre um ticket dela, e você irá ganhar se tiver sorte.
  • Se você ganhar, ela então lhe dará o addon do cinto.


jogador: Hi
Sandra: Hello Jogador.
jogador: vial
Sandra: We have a special offer right now for depositing vials. Are you interested in hearing it?
jogador: yes
Sandra: The Edron academy has introduced a bonus system. Each time you deposit 100 vials without claiming the money for it, you will receive a lottery ticket. …
Sandra: Some of these lottery tickets will grant you a special potion belt accessory, if you bring the ticket to me. …
Sandra: If you join the bonus system now, I will ask you each time you are bringing back 100 or more vials to me whether you claim your deposit or rather want a lottery ticket. …
Sandra: Of course, you can leave or join the bonus system at any time by just asking me for the ‘bonus’. …
Sandra: Would you like to join the bonus system now?
jogador: yes
Sandra: Great! I’ve signed you up for our bonus system. From now on, you will have the chance to win the potion belt addon!
jogador: vial
Sandra: Would you like to get a lottery ticket instead of the deposit for your vials?
jogador: yes

Após você ganhar

jogador: hi
Sandra: Hello
jogador: prize
Sandra: Are you here to claim a prize?
jogador: yes
Sandra: Congratulations! Here, from now on you can wear our lovely potion belt as accessory.

jogador: bonus
Sandra: Would you like to leave our bonus system?
jogador: yes
Sandra: Alright. I removed your name from our list. If you want to join again and get the chance to win a potion belt addon, just ask me for the ‘bonus’.

Capa (Homens)

Image:Outfit Summoner Male Addon 2.gif

Equipamento Requerido

  • 70 Bat Wings
  • 20 Red Piece of Cloth
  • 40 Ape Fur
  • 35 Holy Orchids
  • 10 spools de Spider Silk Yarn
  • 60 Lizard Scales
  • 40 Red Dragon Scales
  • 15 ounces de Magic Sulphur
  • 30 ounces de Vampire Dust


  • Todos os item podem ser obtidos antes de você começar a quest. É aconselhável que você os colete antes de falar com o NPC.
    • Colete Bat Wings de Bats
    • Colete Red Pieces of Cloth trocando Red Robes com Irmana em Venore ou vá caçar Heroes
    • Colete Ape Furs de Apes
    • Colete Holy Orchids de Elf Arcanists
    • Colete Spider Silk Yarn trocando Giant Spider Silk e Honeycombs com Marina a sereia deMeriana.
    • Colete Lizard Scales de Lizards
    • Colete Red Dragon Scales de Dragon Lords
    • Colete Magic Sulphur trocando Fire Swords com o Djinns nas Djinn Towers.
    • Colete Vampire Dust de Vampires
  • Vá para Port Hope e fale Myra sobre seu outfit.
  • Ela fala que a sua tiara é em reconhecimento a academia de Edron.
  • Quando você levar todos os itens requeridos, ela irá te presentear com a tiara.
  • Vá para Edron e fale com Zoltan sobre o prêmio.


jogador: hi
Myra: Greetings.
jogador: outfit
Myra: This Tiara is an award by the academy of Edron in recognition of my service here.
jogador: tiara
Myra: Well… maybe, if you help me a little, I could convince the academy of Edron that you are a valuable help here and deserve an award too. How about it?
jogador: yes
Myra: Okay, great! You see, I need a few magical ingredients which I’ve run out of. First of all, please bring me 70 bat wings. …
Myra: Then, I urgently need a lot of red cloth. I think 20 pieces should suffice. …
Myra: Oh, and also, I could use a whole load of ape fur. Please bring me 40 pieces. …
Myra: After that, um, let me think… I’d like to have some holy orchids. Or no, many holy orchids, to be safe. Like 35. …
Myra: Then, 10 spools of spider silk yarn, 60 lizard scales and 40 red dragon scales. …
Myra: I know I’m forgetting something.. wait… ah yes, 15 ounces of magic sulphur and 30 ounces of vampire dust. …
Myra: That’s it already! Easy task, isn’t it? I’m sure you could get all of that within a short time. …
Myra: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
jogador: yes
Myra: Fine! Let’s start with the 70 bat wings. I really feel uncomfortable out there in the jungle.
jogador: bye
Myra: Farewell.
jogador: Hi
Myra: Greetings.
jogador: Bat Wings
Myra: Oh, did you bring the 70 bat wings for me?
jogador: Yes
Myra: Thank you! I really needed them for my anti-wrinkle lotion. Now, please bring me 20 pieces of red cloth.
jogador: 20 Red Cloth
Myra: Have you found 20 pieces of red cloth?
jogador: Yes
Myra: Great! This should be enough for my new dress. Don’t forget to bring me 40 pieces of ape fur next!
jogador: Ape Fur
Myra: Were you able to retrieve 40 pieces of ape fur?
jogador: Yes
Myra: Nice job, jogador. You see, I’m testing a new depilation cream. I guess if it works on ape fur it’s good quality. Next, please bring me 35 holy orchids.
jogador: holy orchids
Myra: Did you convince the elves to give you 35 holy orchids?
jogador: yes
Myra: Thank god! The scent of holy orchids is simply the only possible solution against the horrible stench from the tavern latrine. Now, pleasebring me 10 rolls of spider silk yarn!
jogador: spider silk yarn
Myra: Oh, did you bring 10 spools of spider silk yarn for me?
jogador: yes
Myra: I appreciate it. My pet doggie manages to bite through all sorts of leashes, which is why he is always gone. I’m sure this strong yarn will keephim. Now, go for the 60 lizard scales!
jogador: lizard scales
Myra: Have you found 60 lizard scales?
jogador: yes
Myra: Good job. They will look almost like sequins on my new dress. Please go for the 40 red dragon scales now.
jogador: red dragon scales
Myra: Were you able to get all 40 red dragon scales?
jogador: yes
Myra: Thanks! They make a pretty decoration, don’t you think? Please bring me 15 ounces of magic sulphur now!
jogador: ounces of magic sulphur
Myra: Have you collected 15 ounces of magic sulphur?
jogador: yes
Myra: Ah, that’s enough magic sulphur for my new peeling. You should try it once, your skin gets incredibly smooth. Now, the only thing I need is vampire dust. 30 ounces will suffice.
jogador: ounces of vampire dust
Myra: Have you gathered 30 ounces of vampire dust?
jogador: yes
Myra: Ah, great. Now I can finally finish the potion which the academy of Edron asked me to. I guess, now you want your reward, don’t you?
jogador: addon
Myra: This Tiara is an award by the academy of Edron in recognition of my service here.
jogador: tiara
Myra: Go to the academy in Edron and tell Zoltan that I sent you, jogador.

jogador: hi
Zoltan: Welcome jogador, student of the arcane arts.
jogador: Myra
Zoltan: Bah, I know. I received some sort of ‘nomination’ from our outpost in Port Hope. …
Zoltan: Usually it takes a little more than that for an award though. However, I honour Myra’s word. …
Zoltan: I hereby grant you the right to wear a special sign of honour, acknowledged by the academy of Edron. Since you are a woman, I guess you like pretty sparkling stuff. There you go.

Varinha (Mulheres)

Image:Outfit Summoner Female Addon 1.gif

Equipamento Requerido

  • As cinco velhas Wands e Rods (Snakebite, Moonlight, Necrotic, Terra, Hailstorm, Vortex, Dragonbreath, Decay, Cosmic Energy and Inferno)
  • 10 ounces de Magic Sulphur
  • 20 Ankhs
  • 1 Soul Stone


  • Vá para a Dark Cathedral, em seguida, perto do teleport que te leva para fora você encontrará Angelina. Fale com ela e então volte para Thais, fale com Lynda quando você chegar.
  • Espere 3 horas para que o ritual termine e faça efeito.


Jogador: Hi
Angelina: The gods must be praised that I am finally saved. I do not have many worldly possessions, but please accept a smallreward, do you?
Jogador: Yes
Angelina: I will tell you a small secret now. My friend Lynda in Thais can create a blessed wand. Greet her from me, maybe shewill aid you.
Jogador: Bye
Angelina: May the gods bless you.

Jogador: Hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim Jogador!
Jogador: Angelina
Lynda: Angelina had been imprisoned? My, these are horrible news, but I am so glad to hear that she is safe now. …
Lynda: I will happily carry out her wish and reward you, but I fear I need some important ingredients for my blessing spell first….
Lynda: Will you gather them for me?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: Thank you, I promise that your efforts won’t be in vain! Listen closely now: …
Lynda: First, I need a sample of each druid rod and sorcerer wand there is in Tibia. Please bring them all at once so that their energy will be balanced. …
Lynda: Secondly, I need 10 ounces of magic sulphur. It can absorb the elemental energy of all the wands and rods and bind it tosomething else. …
Lynda: Next, I will need a soul stone. These can be used as a vessel for energy, evil as well as good. They are rarely used nowaday though. …
Lynda: Lastly, I need a lot of holy energy. I can extract it from ankhs, but only a small amount each time. I will need about 20 ankhs. …
Lynda: Did you understand everything I told you and will help me with my blessing?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: Alright then. Come back to with a sample of all five wands and five rods, please.
Jogador: Wands
Lynda: Did you bring a sample of each wand and each rod with you?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: Thank you, that must have been a lot to carry. Now, please bring me 10 ounces of magic sulphur.
Jogador: Magic Sulphur
Lynda: Did you obtain 10 ounces of magic sulphur?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: Very good. I will immediately start to prepare the ritual and extract the elemental energy from the wands and rods. Please bring me the Necromancer’s soul stone now.
Jogador: Soul Stone
Lynda: Were you actually able to retrieve the Necromancer’s soul stone?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: You have found a rarity there, Jogador. This will become the tip of your blessed wand. Please bring me 20 ankhs now to complete the ritual.
Jogador: Ankhs
Lynda: Am I sensing enough holy energy from ankhs here?
Jogador: Yes
Lynda: The ingredients for the ritual are complete! I will start to prepare your blessed wand, but I have to medidate first. Please come back later to hear how the ritual went.

Jogador: Ritual
Lynda: Please let me focus for a while, Jogador.

3 horas depois

Jogador: Ritual
Lynda: I’m glad to tell you that I have finished the ritual, jogador. Here is your new wand. I hope you carry it proudly for everyone to see.

Chapéu (Mulheres)

Image:Outfit Summoner Female Addon 2.gif

Equipamento Requerido

  • Ferumbras’ Hat


  • “O único jeito de pegar esse chapéu é matando Ferumbras e pegando o seu chapéu”


jogador: Hi
Zoltan: Welcome player, student of the arcane arts.
jogador: Proof
Zoltan: … I cannot believe my eyes. You retrieved this hat from Ferumbras’ remains? That is incredible. If you give it to me, I will grant you the right to wear this hat as addon. What do you say?
jogador: Yes
Zoltan: I bow to you, player, and hereby grant you the right to wear Ferumbras’ hat as accessory. Congratulations!