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Também conhecida como:
Recompensa: 10,000+ pontos de experiência, 6k+ em dinheiro, 2 Achievements
Localização: Edron
Level requerido: 0
Premium requerida: sim
Esteja preparado para enfrentar: Wolves, Poachers, possivelmente um ou dois Hunters lurados, Ghouls, Skeletons, Slimes, Ghosts, Nightstalkers e Souleaters.
Legenda: Você sabe alguma coisa sobre espíritos? Tem medo de fantasmas? Já pensou em fazer parte de uma sociedade caçadora de espíritos? Fale com Spectulus em Edron e faça parte desse time sem medo.



Essa quest começa em forma de task e em seu quest log, dentro de Tibia Tales está marcada como Research and Development. Fale com o NPC Spectulus no prédio central da Noodles Academy of Modern Magic em Edron. Para dar início, fale research. Spectulus vai explicar que ele está testando uma nova ferramenta para detectar fantasmas. Confirme sua missão falando yes, yes, yes, collective apparitions, yes, research e finalmente um último yes.

  • Ele vai lhe entregar uma Magical Measurement Device e marcar em seu mapa, ao norte de Edron, com a localização do cemitério para onde você deve ir.


  • Chegando no cemitério, use a ferramenta em quatro túmulos.


Depois, volte até Spectulus. Fale research e yes. Você ganhará 500 de experiência e 500 gps. Novamente, fale research e desça a escada e fale com o NPC Sinclair.


Peça mission para Sinclair. Em seguida, diga 2x yes. Sua missão será armazenar os resíduos de um ghost morto usando um Spirit Cage que ele irá lhe entregar. Basta matar um ghost qualquer ou sumonar. Depois é só usar o cage no resíduo.


Sua recompensa será 500 de experiência e o achievement Guinea Pig.

  • Nessa próxima etapa, Sinclair precisa de mais amostras de fantasmas. Fale research e yes.

Dessa vez, você deverá pegar, em ordem: 5 ghosts, 5 nightstalkers e 5 souleaters. Após matá-los, use seu Spirit Cage sobre o corpo.

Você pode checar seu quest log em Tibia Tales para ver quantos faltam. Depois, entregue-os falando research, yes e yes.

  • Sua recompensa será 10k de experiência se você pegar todos. Além disso, você receberá 6k em dinheiro e o achievement Afraid of no Ghost!.


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Research and Development

Pegando a task

  • Jogador: research
  • Spectulus: I fine-tuned another set of devices. You are the lucky candidate to first lay eyes on some revolutionary new concepts. …
  • Spectulus: Are you ready to help science once again?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: Of course you are. And here we go. I have to ask some questions first. One: You ain’t afraid of no ghost, right?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: Good. Two: You know that ghosts exist and/or have found and/or defeated one or more of them?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: Alright. Let’s see – yes. …
  • Spectulus: Three: You can explain at least three of the following terms, infestations, collective apparitions, ectoplasmic segregations, ecto-magical field phenomena, neuro-speculative sub-conscious awareness of spirits, ghosts and/or ghasts.
  • Jogador: collective apparitions
  • Spectulus: Ah well, let’s forget about the scientific details – you will do just fine as long as you do exactly what I say. Ready for me to go on with your task?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: I recently teamed up with a fellow scientist and friend Sinclair, who is also more of an explorer than me, to combine our discoveries in the field of complex phenomena not that easily to describe just by today’s state of magic. …
  • Spectulus: Of course I am talking about ghosts. I know, I know. Hard to believe in those times of highly advanced magic we live in. Yet there are some things, we fail to explain. …
  • Spectulus: And that is exactly where we come in! Oh, and you of course. We will not only explain them – we will ‘remove’ them. Just tell me whenever you are ready to help us with our research.
  • Jogador: research
  • Spectulus: Alright. Let’s go. At first we need to find out more about ghosts in general. …
  • Spectulus: I still need more information and values to properly calibrate the magical orientation of orange and turquoise sparkle attractors which we will need to actually contain ghost-emissions. …
  • Spectulus: So are you in?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: Good. Take this wand – we call it a spirit meter – and go to the graveyard I have marked on your map and take a few measurements on the graves.

Concluindo a task

  • Jogador: research
  • Spectulus: You are back, how did the measurements go? Did you recognise anything of interest?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Spectulus: Let me see the spirit meter. Hmmm… those are grave news you bring – uhm, you know what I mean. But this is awesome! Now I know for sure that the calibration is only some short bursts of magically enhanced energy away.
  • Jogador: research
  • Spectulus: Alright, now that we have enough results, the analysing can start. While I do this, I will need you to test the magically enhanced cage Sinclair developed to contain spirits effectively. …
  • Spectulus: Take the spirit cage from him and use it on the essence of a common ghost. Its essence will then be sucked into the cage and we can study him right here in the safety of the academy walls.


Spirit Cage

  • Sinclair: Greetings Jogador. I have – very – little time, please make it as short as possible. I may be able to help you if you are here to help us with any of our tasks or missions.
  • Jogador: mission
  • Sinclair: So you have passed Spectulus’ acceptance test. Well, I’m sure you will live up to that. …
  • Sinclair: We are trying to get this business up and running and need any help we can get. Did he tell you about the spirit cage?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Excellent. Now we need to concentrate on testing that thing. The spirit cage has been calibrated based on some tests we made – as well as your recent findings over at the graveyard. …
  • Sinclair: Using the device on the remains of a ghost right after its defeat should capture it inside this trap. We could then transfer it into our spirit chamber which is in fact a magical barrier. …
  • Sinclair: At first, however, we need you to find a specimen and bring it here for us to test the capacity of the device. Are you ready for this?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Good, now all you need to do is find a ghost, defeat it and catch its very essence with the cage. Once you have it, return to me and Spectulus and I will move it into our chamber device. Good luck, return to me as soon as you are prepared.


  • Sinclair: So, did you find anything worth examining? Did you actually catch a ghost?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Fascinating, let me see. …
  • Sinclair: Amazing! I will transfer this to our spirit chamber right about – now! …
  • Sinclair: Alright, the device is holding it. The magical barrier should be able to contain nearly 20 times the current load. That’s a complete success! Spectulus, are you seeing this? We did it! …
  • Sinclair: Well, you did! You really helped us pulling this off. Thank you Lord Stalks! …
  • Sinclair: I doubt we will have much time to hunt for new specimens ourselves in the near future. If you like, you can continue helping us by finding and capturing more and different ghosts. Just talk to me to receive a new task.

  • Jogador: research
  • Sinclair: We are still in need of more research concerning environmental as well as psychic ecto-magical influences. Besides more common ghosts we also need some of the harder to come by nightstalkers and – if you’re really hardboiled – souleaters. …
  • Sinclair: We will of course pay for every ghost you catch. You will receive more if you hunt for some of the tougher fellows – but don’t overdue it. What do you say?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Magnificent! Alright, we will at least need 5 caught ghosts. We will pay some more if you can catch 5 nightstalkers. Of course you will earn some more if you bring us 5 souleaters. …
  • Sinclair: I heard they dwell somewhere in that new continent – Zao? Well anyway, if you feel you’ve got enough, just return with what you’ve got and we will see. Good luck! …
  • Sinclair: Keep in mind that the specimens are only of any worth to us if the exact amount of 5 per specimen is reached. …
  • Sinclair: Furhtermore, to successfully bind Nightstalkers to the cage, you will need to have caught at least 5 Ghosts. To bind Souleaters, you will need at least 5 Ghosts and 5 Nightstalkers. …
  • Sinclair: The higher the amount of spirit energy in the cage, the higher its effective capacity. Oh and always come back and tell me if you lose your spirit cage.


  • Sinclair: Greetings Lord Stalks. I have – very – little time, please make it as short as possible. I may be able to help you if you are here to help us with any of our tasks or missions.
  • Jogador: research
  • Sinclair: Alright you found something! Are you really finished hunting out there?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Good, of course you will also receive an additional monetary reward for your troubles. Are you fine with that?
  • Jogador: yes
  • Sinclair: Alright, let us see how many ghosts you caught!